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2020 Trip to India

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Mount Dhaulagiri


On February 12th 2020, I hoped to be off on my longest ever holiday - nearly two and a half months.

The plan was for it to start with a five-day visit to Goa and then on to New Zealand to visit family and see the sights I have not seen for more than thirty years. Then was going to be back to India for the three-week tour of the Himalayas. But sadly COVID intervened and the trip to the Himalayas did not eventuate.

I recorded my first trip in a blog:

With Karen In India

In 2022 the trip to the Himalayas finally happened.

INDIA – 1st-17th SEPTEMBER 2022 - The full report (PDF file)

In February 2023 I returned to India to experience more adventures.

India 2023 - Rishikesh - Short report

INDIA – 8th FEBRUARY - 3rd MARCH 2023 - The full report (PDF file)